There's nothing wrong with knowing exactly what you want in life.....

I know I do. I love the thrill of unboxing a new video game, the camera shutter click of what’s sure to be an epic shot, the first bite of a fantastic pork bulgogi, packing my suitcases to visit my favorite city (New York!), and the moment a stranger turns into a lover. These days, I choose to spend my time doing the things that bring me pleasure.

What about you? Since you managed to find me, I’m sure you know what might bring you satisfaction-even if you’ve denied yourself those experiences. You’re looking for something different, intimate and freeing at the same time. Have you been longing for someone to spice up those dull days and  uninspiring nights? Maybe you need a secret adventure to refresh you before you return to reality.


You should take your pleasure seriously, too. I’d love to show you how. First step: send me an introduction. With that, you’re one step closer to a brown-eyed vixen walking towards you, her snug dress hugging lush curves and artfully decorated skin waiting to be embraced. There’s playful banter, clinking wine glasses, and then…


The rest is yet to come…  

I am...

A petite & 20-something lady,

known for being an all natural, bisexual beauty,

Who recently obtained her Bachelors Degree, 

who is covered in a colorful, curvy canvas.

I am notorious for being warm & a bit adventurous,

with a slight cheekiness to my nature. 

I also enjoy reading self improvement books, 

doing yoga in the park, eating Thai cuisine,

pursuing new exhibits in local art galleries,

getting lost in Skyrim & being a crystal enthusiast✨ 

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